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Brand: Connected Cannabis

Connected Cherry Fade


Luscious cherry allure with hints of raw earth beneath. Delve deep into Cherry Fade, our latest hybrid strain, masterfully bred from the union of Red Pop and Apples & Bananas #20. As you twist the jar open, let the heady nose of sun-ripened cherries intertwined with grounding earthy notes envelop you. Elicit waves of serene relaxation paired with bursts of bright energy in the back half, perfect for those who are looking for a heavy, fruit forward hybrid. Drift away with Cherry Fade.

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About the brand :
Connected Cannabis

Connected Cannabis Co. has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry since its inception in 2009. Their mission is to provide the highest quality cannabis products and to promote the positive benefits of the plant. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Connected has expanded their reach for cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike. Their team of experts is dedicated to developing new and exciting strains, while also delivering consistent, reliable products that customers can depend on. Connected is committed to elevating the cannabis experience and improving the lives of their customers.

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