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Brand: Heirbloom Legacy Flower

Heirbloom Orange Crush Preroll


A beloved classic and descendant of California Orange aka “Cali-O”, a tasty cut that dates back to the 1980s and delivers an unforgettable flavor experience. These crystal covered, dense buds are known for their sweet and tangy citrus profile. Delivering a well rounded journey, this smoke provides a nice, body high accompanied by an uplifting, cerebral effect that can be truly inspirational. At Heirbloom, we have made it our mission to cultivate unique and highly distinctive cannabis strains that have been beloved by smokers for several generations. For us, these legacy flavors are the ones we smoked when we first got high with our best friends and had those classic bouts of joyous laughter and utter silliness followed by seamlessly never-ending munchies. these moments sparked a passion ate love affair with the plant, which continues to fuel our fire today. with these genetics, we aim to invoke the muses of those nostalgic memories and bring new life to them for each of us to enjoy.

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