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Brand: High Desert Pure

High Desert Pure Mimosa Aloe Gel

Thousands of years ago, Egyptian pharaohs called aloe the “Plant of Immortality.” We’re pretty sure we’re not immortal yet (no one in the HDP office is willing to test it), but we do know that our aloe gel provides the cooling, soothing relief we need after a long day in the sun. We formulated our gel with argan oil, which is thought to provide relief for achy, irritated skin. And the blood orange scent is as bright and summery as a poolside cocktail. So go on, stay in the sun too long! We dare you!

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About the brand :
High Desert Pure

High Desert Pure makes all of their products with full-spectrum extracts and carefully selected ingredients. Your skin and the planet both deserve kindness and purity, which is why they're working to use sustainable, recyclable packaging wherever possible. High Desert Pure believes quality cannabis products should be accessible to the people who need them. That’s why they work so hard to pack as much effective goodness as possible into each product. Compare the price per milligram of HDP products to the competition and you’ll see how HDP stands above the rest. High Desert Pure got into the cannabis space in the medical days with the simple goal of helping people‭‬. Their mission hasn’t changed. Armed with science and passion, HDP makes the purest, most effective products they can to help our customers live their best lives.

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