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Brand: Kush Company

Kush Co. OG


A classic indica dominant strain developed from Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Kush Co OG possesses a distinct scent of manmade pine and lemon that’ll hit you as soon as you crack open the jar. The earthy citrus flavors of Kush Co OG stay true to the classic OG taste and hits just as hard as its aroma. Ideal for indica enthusiasts who are looking for that heavy sedating, couchlock experience.

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About the brand :
Kush Company

Originating in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, Kush Company is a cultivation company that specializes in growing top shelf cannabis flower. Their founder set out to achieve the best high he could get from the plant. After decades of trial and error in growing, they've been able to establish and bring you the award winning strains you know and love today. On every single step, from growing to packaging, their team works meticulously to ensure you get that high quality you deserve. Kush Company currently serves the Southern California and Las Vegas regions.

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