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Brand: Lusty

Lusty Sumo Tangie

SativaTHC:19.47%CBD:0.24%TAC: 22.29 %

Prepare for a burst of citrusy delight with our Sumo Tangie Sativa Flower. This vibrant strain, a descendant of the famed Tangerine Dream and California Orange, delivers an invigorating experience that's perfect for lifting your spirits and enhancing your day.

With its dense, resinous buds and bright orange pistils, Sumo Tangie Sativa Flower is a feast for the eyes. As you inhale, be transported by its tantalizing aroma of freshly peeled tangerines and zesty citrus, a fragrance that's sure to awaken the senses.

The effects of Sumo Tangie are uplifting and energizing, making it an ideal choice for daytime indulgence. Feel a wave of euphoria wash over you, accompanied by a heightened sense of focus and creativity that empowers you to tackle tasks with renewed vigor.

Whether you're embarking on a creative project, seeking inspiration, or simply looking to elevate your mood, our Sumo Tangie Sativa Flower is your ticket to citrus-infused bliss. Experience the exhilarating effects of Sumo Tangie and let its vibrant flavors brighten your day.

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"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 22.29%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-22.29%

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