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Brand: Maven Genetics

Maven Sour Sangria


Sour Sangria is an award-winning Sativa with a sophisticated flavor profile and well-balanced high. This compelling cross of our own Yuzu Mac and Pandora makes for dense, resinous nugs that display vivid blue and Fuschia tones. Its sweet, sour, and citrus-forward nose translates to a refreshing inhale, while floral, earthy, and peppery notes make for a bold exhalation. While this high can have calming and reflective qualities, its uplifting nature keeps the mind sharp, focused, and engaged.

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About the brand :
Maven Genetics

Connoisseurs of quality since 1998, Maven Genetics was founded with one goal: to breed and cultivate premium and exotic indoor cannabis of the highest quality. We are focused on ensuring that every step of the process delivers on that goal. Maven's lab-tested, exclusive strains have been developed through years of selective breeding, and each one has been handpicked to showcase the plant’s highest potential. Maven's state-of-the-art indoor facilities utilize the latest in agronomic technology and sustainable grow techniques. We are involved in every element of the seed-to-sales process, crafting premium products that deliver unparalleled experiences. Our flower is hand-trimmed and carefully handled to maintain the integrity and quality of each flower. We are enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and perfectionists who live by the core values that drive our industry: freedom, well-being, and authenticity. Our product line is curated to elevate our customer’s lives, to make every experience unforgettable. Our Pre-Packaged Flower comes in a variety of premium Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Our Research & Development line grants us the opportunity to make our community as an integral part of our exclusive Pheno-Hunting process. Integrating consumer testing and feedback, we then decide which Phenotypes will be chosen for production as a part of our next Seasonal Collection. Limited micro-batches of our latest elite strains are now available through our R&D line. We produce a variety of strain-specific individual One-Gram Pre-Rolls and Half Gram Pre-Roll Five Packs, as well as Dual Blends, which are crafted to pair two complementary strains. Our carefully cultivated Flower is of the highest quality, and we hold the same standards for anything we extract from it. Our Strain-Specific Extracts, produced solely from Maven Strains, are packaged in custom Lead-Free Hardware, and are completely free of cutting agents or artificial Terpenes. Our Gold Blends are 100% Cannabis-Derived, and produced from Strain-Specific Terpenes of Maven’s Premium Indoor Flower. Blended in curated ratios with our ultra-refined and potent Cannabis Oil, these cartridges create an exceptional entourage effect that will amplify the best qualities of Maven’s Strains. A state-of-the-art process, using subcritical liquid carbon dioxide, as well as low applications of heat and pressure, creates a clean, refined, quality product every time. No artificial ingredients, non-cannabis-derived Terpenes, high temperatures, or harsh solvents are involved in the production of our cartridges; just 100% Cannabis-Derived Oil and Strain-Specific Terpenes that work together to create an unforgettable experience. All of the strains you know and love, with the Natural Terpene Profile of each flower strain, delivering optimum synergy in both flavor and potency. Our premium concentrates are handcrafted from the finest connoisseur-grade, fresh frozen indoor flower. This highly selective process respects the integrity of the plant on all levels, including a thorough R&D to determine which Trichome-rich strains will perform most optimally as an extract. Our master extraction artists preserve the delicate, strain-specific, full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes from your favorite Maven strains and craft a variety of high-quality, solventless concentrate consistencies that are cured to perfection, including: 90u Ice Water Hash, Cold Cured Live Rosin, Fresh Pressed Live Rosin, and Live Rosin Jam. We are constantly expanding our archive of extracts, our latest being our innovative Duo line, an exclusive, custom concentrate experience presented in a split jar, featuring two different expressions of the same strain, allowing users to combine them or explore the subtle nuances of each extract individually. Our artisanal made, craft-cannabis approach exceeds all marks, ultimately producing some of the highest quality concentrates on the market. We are diligent that each batch is held to the highest standard, ensuring unrivaled purity, flavor, and potency.

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