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Brand: Pistil Whip

Pistil Whip Grapes N Cream Rosin


Pistil Whip's Grapes N Cream now available in Live Rosin Badder. With a potency of 74% THC, this rosin is sure to induce euphoria and relaxation.

In addition to its powerful effects, Grapes N Cream has a flavor and aroma unlike any other concentrate on the market. When you open the jar, you'll smell freshly-baked pastries with hints of sweet purple grapes. Every exhale will leave your taste buds begging for more as the flavor lingers in your mouth long after consumption.

Grapes N Cream's potency makes it perfect for experienced users who are looking for an intense high but don't want to sacrifice flavor or quality in their concentrate choice. This Live Rosin Badder is sure to become one of your go-to concentrates when you need an extra boost!

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