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Top 10 Best THC Concentrate Brands in 2024

top 10 best THC concentrates from California
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Welcome to the LAX CC Dispensary’s guide to the Top 10 Best THC Concentrate Brands in 2024. Located in Los Angeles, we’re excited to share our exclusive selection of the most highly rated and sought-after cannabis concentrates from the finest brands in California. This blog post introduces a variety of THC concentrates, featuring products perfect for anyone’s dabbing experience. Whether you’re a local enthusiast keen to discover the latest trends or a tourist eager to experience what California’s cannabis culture has to offer, join us as we explore top-tier potency and flavor, aiming to elevate your cannabis exploration in 2024.

10. West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure Product Image
  • Live Rosin Diamonds: Created through a two-part process that includes a period of low heat and pressure to form solventless diamonds, which are then combined with a rich solventless terpene sauce derived from rosin.
  • Live Rosin Fresh Press: Produced by washing a mixture of fresh frozen cannabis flower and ice water, then separating it through various micron-sized bags. The best hash is collected and pressed under controlled conditions.
  • Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder: Made by whipping Live Rosin Fresh Press and then curing it under controlled temperatures until it reaches a cake badder-like consistency.
  • Live Resin Diamonds: Formed by capping under pressure at specific temperatures for several weeks, resulting in crystallized diamonds loaded with THCa.
  • Live Resin Sauce, Wet Badder, Badder, and Sugar: These concentrates are known for their strong aroma and flavor, offering a complex experience due to the detailed extraction and curing process (West Coast Cure® | WCC™).

9. Pistil Whip

Pistil Whip Product Image

Pistil Whip specializes in small batch, solventless cannabis concentrates, emphasizing quality and purity. Their limited production allows for careful attention to each batch, ensuring optimal potency. Using natural extraction methods instead of harsh solvents, they capture the true essence of the cannabis plant, offering a cleaner and more flavorful product. This intentional approach guarantees premium concentrates that are both potent and pure, reflecting their commitment to the highest standards.

8. Nasha

Nasha Product Image

Nasha is recognized as California’s premier hash brand, known for producing solventless concentrates derived from Humbolt cannabis. These concentrates are created using mountain water, ensuring a high potency, terpene-rich, and chemical-free product. The brand’s name, “Nasha,” is a Sanskrit word that translates to the state of transformed consciousness, exhilaration, or excitement of the mind. Nasha has a deep connection to India and its hash-producing history, with the brand’s founder having spent numerous years living at the foothills of the Himalayas studying the origins of hashish and the surrounding culture before establishing Nasha in California’s beautiful Humbolt County.

7. Mountain Man Melts

Mountain Man Melts Product Image

Mountain Man Melts is known for producing high-quality cannabis concentrates, specifically focusing on rosin and live rosin products. They are celebrated for creating strains like Papaya and Lemon OG. The brand is noted for its commitment to quality, producing solventless concentrates that highlight the natural flavors and effects of the cannabis plant.

6. LA Family Farms

LA Family Farms Product Image

Los Angeles Family Farms stands out in the cannabis industry with their commitment to quality and tradition. They meticulously hand-pick, trim, and package their products, ensuring the highest standards. Specializing in rosin and live rosin vapes, they utilize fresh frozen whole plant cannabis flower for a premium, solventless experience. Rooted in Los Angeles, their blend of new and old school techniques has solidified their status as OGs in the game. They manage the entire production process in-house, from pheno-hunting to distribution, welcoming both newcomers and long-time supporters to the family.

5. Gold Drop

Gold Drop Product Image

Gold Drop’s cannabis concentrates are particularly recognized for their suitability in dabs and vape cartridges, offering high purity levels and a broad spectrum of strain-specific flavors. Their innovative Liquid Diamonds® concentrate is created from THCa Diamonds, ensuring a potent experience with no additives or distillates, designed to deliver the flavor, purity, and potency that users expect.

This makes them a prime choice for dabbing enthusiasts seeking high-quality experiences. Additionally, Gold Drop vape cartridges are known for their smooth draw and compatibility with standard 510 threaded batteries, catering to those who prefer vaping. With a focus on preserving the terpene profiles and providing an effortless vape experience, Gold Drop has established itself as a leader in high-quality cannabis extracts suitable for both dabs and vape cartridges.

4. Cannabiotix

Cannabiotix Product Image

Cannabiotix specializes in producing premium cannabis products, including a variety of concentrates such as live resin and solventless THC concentrates. Their concentrates are crafted through hydrocarbon extraction, a method that ensures a high-quality, single-sourced experience by capturing the essence of Cannabiotix’s unique in-house genetics. This process is integral to maintaining the potency and flavor profile of their strains.

Cannabiotix, also known as CBX, is based in California and Nevada and is celebrated for its artisan-like processes, including meticulous trichome preservation during curing. This attention to detail results in stronger and more effective cannabis strains. The brand has won numerous awards, highlighting its commitment to excellence in the cannabis industry?.

3. 710 Labs

710 Labs Product Image

710 Labs focuses on producing high-quality cannabis concentrates, emphasizing clean, flavorful products since 2010. They employ both solventless and solvent-based extraction methods. Their solventless process uses ice, water, and agitation to extract resin glands, yielding products like water hash and rosin, which capture the plant’s rich flavors. Meanwhile, their solvent extractions, using hydrocarbons like butane or propane at low temperatures, produce various consistencies like Live Resin Sauce, Sugar, and Badder. These methods aim to preserve the essence and potency of the cannabis plant, making 710 Labs a favorite among connoisseurs.

2. Stiiizy

Stiiizy Curated Live Resin

STIIIZY specializes in a variety of high-quality, solventless cannabis concentrates, including Curated Live Resin, Live Resin Diamonds, and Live Rosin products. These concentrates are known for preserving the full spectrum of cannabinoids and flavors, offering users a potent and authentic cannabis experience. STIIIZY’s solventless extraction methods, which include using heat, pressure, and cold water, ensure that their products maintain the natural terpenes and cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, providing a diverse range of effects, flavors, and consistencies without the use of chemical solvents?.

1. Raw Garden

Raw Garden Product Image

Raw Garden is renowned for its premium, all-natural cannabis concentrates, including Live Resin and Refined Live Resin™ Diamonds. Their products, ranging from THC carts to cannabis-infused gummies, are made from 100% cannabis without additives, highlighting their commitment to purity and quality. They utilize an innovative process for their Refined Live Resin, removing impurities to enhance potency and flavor. All products are sourced from sustainably grown flowers on their own farms, ensuring consistent, high-quality offerings that adhere to rigorous testing and high quality standards?

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