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Top 10 Best Weed Brands in California 2024 Guide

top 10 weed brands in California
Brand Showcase
West Coast Cure Brand Image

10. West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure exclusively grows high-quality cannabis in controlled indoor environments. This allows for meticulous attention to detail and optimal growing conditions.

What Makes Their Cannabis Stand Out?

Additional West Coast Cure Brand Image
  • Organic Methods: While not explicitly stated, their focus on quality and terpenes suggests a preference for organic or close-to-organic cultivation practices.
  • Terpene Preservation: West Coast Cure emphasizes preserving the full range of terpenes in their cannabis, contributing to vibrant flavors and aromas.
710 Labs Brand Image

9. 710 Labs

710 Labs is known for both cultivating their own unique and sought-after strains, and carefully sourcing high-quality genetics from other breeders. They often hunt for rare phenotypes or landrace strains for the basis of new creations.

What Makes Their Cannabis Stand Out?

Additional 710 Labs Brand Image
  • Living Soil: They emphasize organic cultivation methods using living soil to enhance terpene profiles and overall quality.
  • Small-Batch Focus: They prioritize small-batch production, allowing for meticulous care and attention during the growing process.
  • Hand-Trimming and Curing: Flowers are carefully hand-trimmed and cured to preserve their delicate structures, flavors, and aromas.
  • Commitment to Terpenes: 710 Labs highlights the importance of terpenes in their cannabis products. They carefully curate strains and extracts that offer unique and complex terpene profiles, contributing to the distinct flavor and effects of each offering.
Cannabiotix Brand Image

8. Cannabiotix

Cannabiotix originated in Southern California and has since expanded into Nevada. They’re known for their high-potency cannabis products.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

Image 6
  • Award-Winning: CBX has earned recognition with numerous awards in competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Potency: They put a strong emphasis on producing highly potent strains that deliver powerful effects.
  • Artisan Cultivation: CBX utilizes specialized cultivation practices, including their focus on preserving delicate trichomes during curing to enhance the overall effects of their cannabis.
  • Strain Diversity: While known for potent strains, they also cultivate a good selection of balanced and flavorful cultivars.
LA Kush Brand Image

7. LA Kush

The LA Kush strain has a long history in California’s cannabis industry, with roots in the pre-legalization era.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

LA Kush Cannabis Product
  • Award-Winning Indoor Strains Made in California: They proudly emphasize their extensive catalog of highly-rated cannabis flower and other products grown in California.
  • Focus on Quality: They prioritize growing premium, indoor cannabis to ensure consistent quality.
  • Affordability: LA Kush aims to provide top-tier cannabis products at budget-friendly prices.
Blueprint Cannabis Co. Brand Image

6. Blueprint Cannabis Co

Blueprint emphasizes high-quality, indoor-grown cannabis, allowing for optimal control over the environment and ensuring top-tier flower quality.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

Image 5
  • Small-Batch: Their focus on limited-edition releases and commitment to quality suggests an emphasis on small-batch cultivation for increased attention to detail.
  • “Entourage Effect” Philosophy: Their belief in the entourage effect might suggest a preference for organic or close-to-organic growing practices to maximize the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids in their plants.
  • Unique Genetics: Based on their strain names and marketing, they cultivate and hunt for special phenotypes with distinct qualities and experiences.
  • Limited Runs: Expect certain Blueprint strains to be exclusive offerings or produced in smaller quantities, contributing to their exclusivity.
  • Aesthetics: Blueprint likely prioritizes visually appealing flower with dense buds, vibrant colors, and rich trichome coverage.
  • Potency: You can expect their flower to be consistently high in THC and deliver strong effects.
  • Terpene Focus: With their emphasis on the entourage effect, their cannabis likely boasts distinct and flavorful terpene profiles for a multi-faceted experience.
Image 4

5. Clade 9

Clade9 is a cannabis cultivator with operations in Los Angeles and a partnership with Virtue Las Vegas. They have recently expressed interest in expanding to the East Coast cannabis markets.

What Makes Their Cannabis Stand Out?

Image 3
  • Environmental Control: They carefully regulate temperature, humidity, and light cycles in their indoor grow facilities to optimize plant health and cannabinoid/terpene development.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Clade9 likely uses sensors and data analysis to track and adjust conditions for each strain’s specific needs.
  • Moisture Management: They prioritize maintaining optimal moisture levels during drying and curing (aiming for 0.50 aw or activity level) to preserve freshness, flavor, and avoid issues like mold.
  • Careful Handling: Clade9 focuses on minimizing exposure to light and maintaining low temperatures (low 70s Fahrenheit) during trimming, packaging, and storage to prevent degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): They have strict SOPs for all processes to ensure consistency and maintain their quality standards.
7 Leaves Brand Image

4. 7 Leaves

7 Leaves hails from Sacramento, California, with large-scale, state-of-the-art cultivation facilities.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

7 Leaves Cannabis Product
  • Renewable Energy Commitment: They take pride in utilizing 100% renewable energy in their cultivation operations.
  • Passionate Team: The 7 Leaves team is composed of passionate cultivators with a deep understanding of cannabis genetics and production.
  • Pesticide-Free: Consumer safety is a priority for 7 Leaves, guaranteeing cannabis grown without harmful pesticides.
  • Strain Variety: 7 Leaves cultivates a wide selection of strains to cater to various tastes and preferences. They offer classics, trending hybrids, and their own unique cultivars.
  • Consistent Quality: Expect well-grown, potent buds thanks to their meticulous cultivation and indoor growing techniques.
  • Focus on the Essentials: 7 Leaves prioritizes delivering potent, flavorful cannabis without unnecessary frills.
Image 2

3. THC Design

THC Design stands out as a beacon in the realm of cannabis cultivation in California, bringing forward not just high-quality cannabis but a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

What Makes Their Cannabis Stand Out?

THC Design Cannabis Product
  • Diversity and Teamwork: With around 200 people from various backgrounds, THC Design values diversity, believing it strengthens their team and enhances their approach to cannabis cultivation??.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: Emphasizing sustainable cultivation practices, THC Design uses methods like aerated compost tea, LED lighting, and aquaculture, reflecting their commitment to reducing environmental impact??.
Stiiizy Weed

2. Stiiizy

STIIIZY is a leading cannabis brand from Los Angeles known for its premium products, including a proprietary pod system that has established it as a major lifestyle brand within the cannabis industry. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and consumer satisfaction shines through its diverse product range, providing unique experiences across its Black, White, Grey, and 40’s infused series. Each line is tailored to suit the preferences of every cannabis enthusiast, setting new standards in cannabis consumption.

Premium Focus

stiiizy weed

Image credit: Stiiizy.com

  • Black Label: STIIIZY’s ultra-premium, top-shelf line for discerning connoisseurs, grown in state-of-the-art facilities to deliver an unmatched cannabis experience, available in 3.5G and 7G Mylar bags?.
  • Grey Label: A mix of full-sun and artificial light cultivation in advanced greenhouses produces potent and flavorful cannabis with dense, trichome-rich nugs??.
  • White Label: Emphasizes traditional, sun-grown cultivation methods for top-quality cannabis, offering a natural and pure cannabis experience??.
  • 40’s Line: Known for its potency, this line features premium flower infused with THC-A Diamonds, boasting 40% total cannabinoids for those seeking a powerful effect?.
Seed Junky Brand Image

1. Seed Junky

Seed Junky Genetics was founded by JBeezy, a highly respected breeder with extensive experience in cannabis cultivation.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

Descriptive Alt Text
  • Award-Winning Strains: Their creations have won numerous awards in prestigious competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Global Reach: Seed Junky has gained a loyal following internationally, known for its potent and flavorful strains.
  • Focus on Genetics: Seed Junky is primarily a breeding company. They develop and sell premium cannabis seeds to home growers and commercial cultivators.
  • Flavor and Potency: SJG prioritizes creating strains with exceptional terpene profiles for vibrant aromas and flavors, alongside high THC levels.
  • Phenotype Hunting: They are experts in the art of phenotype hunting, which involves selecting the most desirable specimens from large seed populations to find unique and special expressions of a strain.
  • Collaboration: Seed Junky frequently collaborates with other cultivators and seed banks to create exclusive strains and limited releases.
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