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Best CBD Products From California in 2024

nest CBD products in LA California 2024

Looking for natural support without intoxication? Cannabidiol (CBD), extracted from cannabis and hemp, may provide health benefits without any of the psychoactive effects of THC. There are various forms of CBD products, each with unique advantages and methods of consumption.

Examples: Gummies, chocolates, beverages.
Benefits: Easy to use, discreet, precise dosing, long-lasting effects.
Ideal For: Sustained relief, discreet usage.
Vape Cartridges
Vape Cartridges
Benefits: Rapid onset of effects, direct absorption into the bloodstream.
Ideal For: Immediate relief from symptoms like pain or anxiety.
Considerations: Potential long-term health effects.
Benefits: Localized relief of pain or inflammation, non-psychoactive.
Ideal For: Targeted relief without systemic effects.
Benefits: Quick absorption, precise dosing, balance between onset and duration.
Ideal For: Versatile usage, balancing quick relief and lasting effects.
Pure CBD vs. High CBD and Low THC Products
Pure CBD vs. High CBD and Low THC Products
Pure CBD (Isolate): Contains only CBD. Suitable for those avoiding THC entirely due to drug testing, sensitivity, or preference. Offers CBD benefits without THC’s psychoactive effects.
High CBD and Low THC: Contains high CBD levels with minimal THC. Utilizes the entourage effect for enhanced therapeutic benefits with minimal psychoactivity. Suitable for those seeking the combined benefits of CBD and THC without strong psychoactive effects.

Here’s a concise overview of the best CBD products for sale from California available at the LAX Cannabis club dispensary in Los Angeles:

Rove CBD Vape Cartridge

This high CBD/THC product, with its notable cannabinoid profile of 43.18% CBD and 40.76% THC, is tailored for those seeking the therapeutic effects of CBD without the psychoactive impact of THC. Crafted from premium cannabis plants, it encompasses a blend of 113 cannabinoids, prominently featuring CBD known for its potential to alleviate pain, diminish inflammation, address anxiety, and manage seizures, thus offering a natural treatment avenue.

Employing carbon dioxide extraction techniques, this product assures a potent concentration, achieving an 85% total cannabinoid potency from high-quality CBD flowers. It’s meticulously designed to cater to a range of therapeutic needs, offering variations in CBD to THC ratios such as 10:1, 2:1, and 1:1, thereby facilitating tailored relief for various ailments.

This non-psychoactive formulation positions itself as an ideal option for individuals in pursuit of effective, natural remedies without experiencing the high traditionally associated with cannabis. Available in both .5g for $30 and 1g for $54.99, it provides a versatile and accessible solution for those looking to harness the benefits of cannabinoids for health and wellness.

500mg CBD + 500mg THC Tincture

Discover the harmonious balance of BREEZ’s Cinnamon CBD Tincture. This premium blend delivers the full potential of cannabis with 500mg each of CBD and THC, plus the anti-inflammatory power of cinnamon oil. Each 5mg dose promotes tranquility, relaxation, and clear-minded happiness.

BREEZ’s Cinnamon Relief 1:1 Tincture Drops offer a convenient and precise upgrade to their original spray formula. With 100 doses per bottle, experience lasting well-being and ease. ($74.99 for 1g)

From the Royal Garden Society, BREEZ crafts high-quality cannabis products for wellness and pleasure. Their mission is to make medicinal cannabis accessible, helping those seeking relief from cancer treatment side effects and beyond. Experience the difference with BREEZ’s Cinnamon CBD Tincture.

PLUS+ Tart Cherry 20:5:1 Gummies

These CBD gummies offer a unique blend of cannabinoids for targeted relief. Here’s how they work:

  • CBD (Cannabidiol): This is one of the most well-known cannabinoids, recognized for its potential to reduce anxiety, inflammation, and pain. It does not produce a psychoactive effect (the “high”) typically associated with marijuana. In these gummies, the 20mg dose of CBD provides a solid foundation for relaxation and discomfort relief.
  • CBG (Cannabigerol): Sometimes called the “mother cannabinoid,” CBG is the precursor molecule from which other cannabinoids like THC and CBD are derived. Research into CBG is ongoing, but it shows promise for pain management, reducing inflammation, and even supporting the growth of new brain cells. The 5mg dose of CBG in each gummy adds another layer of potential relief.
  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): This is the cannabinoid that causes the intoxicating effects associated with marijuana. In these gummies, the amount of THC is very low (1mg per gummy) and unlikely to produce a strong psychoactive effect. However, it may contribute to the overall relief through the “entourage effect,” where different cannabinoids work together to enhance each other’s effects.

The 20:5:1 Ratio Explained:

This ratio refers to the parts per milligram of each cannabinoid in the gummies. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 20 parts CBD: This is the dominant cannabinoid, providing the foundation for relief.
  • 5 parts CBG: This adds a complementary layer of potential benefits. CBG (cannabigerol) is a lesser-known, non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It’s considered the “mother of all cannabinoids” because it’s the chemical precursor to other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. (CBG = anti-inflammatory, pain relief, antibacterial, and neuroprotective properties.)
  • 1 part THC: This minimal amount may contribute to the entourage effect without causing a strong psychoactive high.

These gummies offer a unique combination of CBD, CBG, and a small amount of THC, potentially providing relief from stress, aches, and pain. The vegan, fast-acting formula and delicious tart cherry flavor make them an attractive option for those seeking a natural approach to managing discomfort.

Espresso Dark Chocolate CBD 1:1 by Kiva Confections

Escape the rush and create your own moment of calm with Kiva’s 1:1 Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar. This harmonious blend delivers equal parts CBD and THC (5mg each per serving), crafted with cold water hash for a rich, full-spectrum experience. Indulge in the wonderful flavors of dark chocolate and freshly brewed espresso – a treat for your senses and your spirit.

Key Features:

  • Balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC for a tailored, relaxing effect.
  • Infused with premium cold water hash.
  • Rich dark chocolate and delicious espresso notes.
  • 100mg CBD and 100mg THC per bar (20 servings per bar).
  • Available in California.

Important Notes:

  • Start with a single serving and wait for full effects before consuming more.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

CBD Balm by Papa & Barkley

Experience targeted relief with Papa & Barkley’s luxurious CBD Balm. This potent blend delivers 450mg of soothing CBD and 150mg of THC for powerful, localized comfort without strong psychoactive effects. Perfect for muscle and joint pain, its rich formula melts into your skin for deep-acting relief. (50 ML, $89.99)

For maximum benefits, Papa & Barkley recommends gently warming the area before applying the balm (around .15g at a time). This enhances absorption, allowing the natural, therapeutic properties to work their magic.

Papa & Barkley’s story is one of love and compassion. Named after the founder’s father and their beloved pit bull, the brand embodies the power of support and the healing potential of the cannabis plant. Their CBD Balm is a testament to this mission – offering natural relief and a touch of the love that inspired it all.

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