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Top 10 Staff Favorites: LAX CC LA Dispensary Menu (2024)

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Every year there are new cannabis products becoming the favorites among our staff and customers. We’re excited to share this year’s top 10 favorites from our LA dispensary menu chosen by our staff. This blog post is not medical advice, and you should see a doctor about any specific questions about how cannabis can affect your health. This blog post is simply a list of cannabis products loved among our staff members at the LAX Cannabis club dispensary in Los Angeles. 

This list will pick from among multiple categories of cannabis products at our Los Angeles Dispensary. 

Heirbloom Blueberry Card

Heirbloom Blueberry: Premium Indica Strain, 1/8 oz, $64.99

Staff Favorite

Heirbloom Blueberry

Heirbloom’s signature Blueberry strain, meticulously perfected over 15 years, traces its lineage to Dutch Passion’s original 1970s cultivar. This potent Indica cannabis strain captivates with its striking violet-purple and lavender-blue hues, boasting impressive THC levels reaching up to 28%. The dense, trichome-covered buds release an irresistible aroma and flavor reminiscent of ripe blueberries, further enhanced by the presence of key terpenes such as limonene and caryophyllene. Users can anticipate a profoundly relaxing and euphoric high that perfectly embodies the quintessential Indica experience.

Heirbloom Cannabis: Preserving the Legacy of Classic Strains

As a brand under the renowned Cannabiotix umbrella, Heirbloom dedicates itself to producing top-tier heritage cannabis strains. By overseeing every aspect of the process, from cultivation to packaging, Heirbloom guarantees uncompromising consistency and quality across their diverse product line, which includes pre-rolls, live resin concentrates, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, Heirbloom’s commitment to preserving the rich, authentic essence of classic cannabis strains ensures an unparalleled experience.

Raw Garden’s Abracadabra Diamonds

Raw Garden’s Abracadabra Live Resin Diamonds: Premium, Sustainable Cannabis Concentrate (1g, $50)

Staff Favorite

Raw Garden Abracadabra Diamonds

Raw Garden’s Abracadabra refined Live Resin Diamonds, an indica-dominant concentrate, exemplifies the brand’s dedication to quality and sustainability. At $50 per gram, this product delivers a rich flavor profile featuring notes of fruity, floral, and . Crafted using advanced extraction techniques, this live resin captures the essence of the Dos y Dos strain, Skywalker strain, and GG4 strain.

About Raw Garden

Raw Garden, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, is renowned for its commitment to organic cultivation methods and cutting-edge genetic research. The company employs innovative farming practices, such as mulch use, drip irrigation, and precise watering schedules, to conserve water and maintain the quality of their cannabis. Their adherence to sustainable and organic practices has earned them the prestigious Clean Green Certification, which verifies compliance with rigorous national and international standards.

By focusing on additive-free, whole-plant extracts, Raw Garden ensures that their live resin concentrates deliver a pure, potent, and flavorful experience. The Abracadabra Diamonds Live Resin is no exception, offering cannabis enthusiasts a memorable and environmentally conscious choice in the realm of premium concentrates.

Bloom Cereal Milk Rosin Disposable

Bloom Cereal Milk Rosin Disposable: Indulgent Hybrid Experience (0.5g, $50)

Staff Favorite

Bloom Cereal Milk Rosin Disposable

Indulge in the rich, creamy flavor of Bloom’s Cereal Milk Rosin Disposable. At $50 for 0.5 grams, this product showcases the beloved Cookies strain, offering a sweet and nostalgic taste reminiscent of your favorite childhood cereal milk. With a potent 81.6% THC content, this hybrid delivers a relaxing, indica-dominant high that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

About Bloom

Founded in Los Angeles, Bloom has been at the forefront of the cannabis vaping industry for nearly a decade. Their diverse team of scientists, growers, and innovators is dedicated to crafting products that faithfully capture the natural flavors of the cannabis plant. Bloom’s proprietary distillation process sets them apart, resulting in unparalleled product purity and a diverse range of offerings, including Bloom Live, Budder, and various disposables.

With a growing presence in multiple states and a prestigious Cannabis Cup win in 2018 for their Pineapple Express strain, Bloom continues to set the standard for premium cannabis vaping experiences. The Cereal Milk Rosin Disposable is a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Plug Play’s King Louie XIII DNA Pod

Plug Play’s King Louie XIII DNA Pod: Premium Indica for Relaxation (1g, 87.6% THC, $54.99) – Sold Out

Staff Favorite

Plug Play's King Louie XIII DNA Pod

The Plug Play brand introduces its premium King Louie XIII strain in the DNA line. This Indica-dominant pod, priced at $54.99 for 1 gram, boasts a high THC level of 87.6% and a rich, spicy terpene profile with pine and sour notes. Perfect for evening use, King Louie XIII promotes muscle relaxation, tension relief, and better sleep.

About Plug Play

Plug Play offers three distinct pod lines to cater to various user preferences and consumption times:

  • DNA™ Pods: Daytime (Sativa), Nighttime (Indica), and Anytime (Hybrid) pods infused with original strain terpenes for authentic taste and effects.
  • EXOTICS™ Pods: Hybrid-based pods with fun, fresh flavors from natural infusions, ideal for any time use.
  • LIVEST™ Pods: Exceptionally pure and potent pods made from fresh-frozen cannabis at peak harvest, preserving terpenes and cannabinoids for an exclusive experience.

Plug Play’s meticulously crafted pods enhance the overall vaping experience.

Kiva Terra Espresso Beans

Kiva Terra Espresso Beans: Artisanal THC Chocolate Bites (100mg, 20ct, $28.99)

Staff Favorite

Kiva Terra Espresso Beans

Kiva Confections’ Terra Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans have become one of California’s most beloved cannabis edibles since their launch in 2014. Part of the Terra Bites line, these meticulously crafted confections feature micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans from Bay Area favorite Andytown Coffee Roasters, enrobed in premium dark chocolate and infused with cold water hash for a rich, elevated cannabis experience.

Each espresso bean contains a precise 5mg dose of THC, with a total of 100mg THC per 20-count package, making them perfect for controlled dosing and discreet consumption. The sophisticated flavor profile expertly masks the taste of cannabis, offering a convenient, shareable, and enjoyable option for both medicinal and recreational use. The high-quality packaging and clear labeling underscore Kiva’s commitment to professionalism and discretion.

About Kiva Confections

Renowned for their high standards in product creation, Kiva Confections employs sustainable and meticulous production techniques to craft a diverse range of premium cannabis edibles. From their popular Terra Bites line to artisanal chocolate bars, gummies, and mints, each product is made with a focus on quality ingredients, precise dosing, and delivering an exceptional customer experience. As a leader in the cannabis industry, Kiva Confections continues to innovate and elevate the edibles market.

Cannabis Quencher’s Nighttime Berry & Lime Shot

Cannabis Quencher’s Nighttime Berry & Lime Shot: Restful Relaxation with THC and CBN (2oz, 100mg THC + 20mg CBN, $15)

Staff Favorite

Cannabis Quencher's Nighttime Berry & Lime Shot

Cannabis Quencher’s Nighttime Berry & Lime Shot is a 2-ounce cannabis-infused beverage designed to support sleep, pain relief, and inflammation. This calming combination contains 100mg of THC and 20mg of CBN, along with valerian, lemon balm, and glycine to synergistically promote rest and relaxation. Priced at $15, this delicious shot, made with real fruit and sweetened with cane sugar, offers a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the long-lasting benefits of cannabis for a peaceful night’s sleep.

About Cannabis Quencher

Cannabis Quencher, a brand under VCC Brands (formerly Venice Cookie Company), is dedicated to creating innovative cannabis-infused beverages that prioritize wellness and enjoyment. With a focus on crafting products that target specific needs, such as sleep support and pain relief, Cannabis Quencher ensures that their offerings are both effective and delicious.

By leveraging the expertise and commitment to quality that VCC Brands is known for, Cannabis Quencher uses premium ingredients, natural flavors, and carefully selected cannabis strains to create beverages that deliver targeted effects. The brand’s rigorous quality control measures, including third-party testing and multiple-stage checks during extraction and manufacturing, guarantee consistently safe and effective products.

Lusty’s Strawberry Lemonade Sativa Preroll

Indica Story OG Lemonade Sativa Preroll: 1g, $10

Staff Favorite

Lusty Preroll Indica Story OG

The Lusty brand, the house brand of the LAX CC dispensary, presents the Story OG indica Preroll for $10 per 1 gram. Crafted to capture the essence of summer, this preroll offers vibrant flavors of ripe buds, providing a refreshing and invigorating smoking experience.

The Story OG indica preroll features a tantalizing aroma and delightful sweet notes, creating a taste experience that dances on the palate. This product is perfect for those looking for a convenient cannabis experience, directly from the house brand of LAX CC dispensary.

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm

Papa & Barkley’s THC Relief Capsules (1,000mg) $79.99

Staff Favorite

Papa & Barkley's Relief Balm

Fast-Acting Relief for Body and Mind

Experience the powerful relief you need with Papa & Barkley’s THC1000 tincture, crafted with only two ingredients: MCT Oil and cannabis oil. With 1000MG of THC, this potent formula provides quick and effective pain relief, relaxation, and unwinding. Perfect for highly experienced cannabis consumers, this vegan and fast-metabolizing tincture offers a customizable dosage experience.

Whole-Plant Extraction for Maximum Therapeutic Benefits

Our solventless and chemical-free infusion process preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients, ensuring maximum therapeutic benefits. With a quick onset of just 15 minutes, this natural solution is perfect for those seeking fast-acting relief.

Product Details

  • 0.5oz product weight
  • 16.7mg THC per 0.25ml serving
  • 1000mg THC per 15ml tincture
  • Ingredients: MCT Oil, Cannabis
  • Contains: Tree Nut (Coconut)
  • Does not contain: Soy, Peanuts, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners

Directions and Tips

  • Start with a 0.25ml dose under the tongue and hold for at least 20 seconds before swallowing
  • For rapid absorption, hold the oil under your tongue for 30-40 seconds
  • Store in a cool place that is away from direct sunlight

Batch Variations

Please note that cannabinoid counts may vary by batch due to the whole plant infusion process.

About Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley creates high-quality, rigorously tested CBD and THC products for pain relief, stress reduction, sleep, and relaxation. Using solventless extraction and natural ingredients, they offer balms, capsules, tinctures, edibles, and pet products. The company values sustainability, social responsibility, and cannabis education.

Breez Citrus Recovery Tincture

Breez Citrus Recovery Tincture: Full-Spectrum CBD for Relaxation and Clarity (1000mg, 100 doses, $74.99)

Staff Favorite

Breez Citrus Recovery Tincture

Seeking a clear mind and a deeply relaxed state? Breez Citrus Recovery Tincture is your key to unlocking natural relaxation. Each 10mg dose is infused with 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD and the uplifting essence of real oranges for a tranquil, happy feeling. This $74.99 tincture offers 100 doses of non-intoxicating relief presented in an easy-to-use dropper bottle.

About Breez: A Brand Born from Compassion

Breez was founded in 2015 out of a desire to help. Witnessing a loved one’s struggle with severe illness, the founders were inspired to create cannabis products that could offer comfort and relief. They became pioneers in cannabis mints and now offer a thoughtfully crafted line of mints, tablets, and tinctures – each with targeted doses and terpene profiles to meet a wide range of needs. As part of the Royal Garden Society, Breez is dedicated to breaking down cannabis stigmas and making its benefits accessible and enjoyable.

The Breez Difference

  • 12-month freshness: Enjoy maximum potency and flavor.
  • Cool, dry storage: Protects your tincture’s quality.
  • Inspired by you: Countless stories of relief fuel Breez’s commitment to providing innovative, discreet, and effective cannabis wellness solutions.
DNA Cake Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics

DNA Cake Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics: Indulgent Indica-Dominant Hybrid, $101.20

Staff Favorite

DNA Cake Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics

These premium seeds offer a decadent symphony of sweet, creamy, and gassy flavors with a rich vanilla frosting aroma. Born from Gelato Sorbet and Lava Cake, this strain boasts key terpenes like Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, Linalool, and cis-Ocimene for deep relaxation, euphoria, and tranquility while battling depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and insomnia.

About DNA Genetics: Innovators Since 2003

Founded by Don and Aaron, DNA Genetics journeyed from California to Amsterdam, quickly gaining recognition for superior genetics and groundbreaking breeding techniques. With numerous awards and partnerships with Canopy Growth Corporation, they’ve become a global force in the cannabis industry.

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