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Top 10 Strongest Concentrates for Dabs in Los Angeles (2024)

Best 10 concentrate dabs in LA California 2024

Welcome the best dispensary in LA for the most potent THC concentrate for dabs. Step into the world of elite concentrates. The LAX CC dispensary is your exclusive source for the most potent, lab-verified THC dabs. If you demand the absolute strongest, most flavorful experiences, look no further. Strength isn’t everything! Our list goes beyond just THC percentage. Learn about the different types of concentrates, their unique characteristics, and how to identify the strongest options for your desired effects.

Best Brands for Cannabis Concentrates Are In California 

California has been at the forefront of the medical cannabis revolution for decades. This head start fostered a thriving environment for innovation, allowing the best cannabis brands to develop their craft and perfect the art of concentrate extraction.

As a result, California has become a breeding ground for the most reputable THC concentrate brands in the nation. These brands have honed their skills, pushing the boundaries of potency and flavor.

Rest assured, when you explore our list, you’re encountering concentrates crafted by California’s finest. This translates to unparalleled quality, exceptional taste, and some of the strongest THC concentrations available anywhere.

Listicle Items

10. Mountain Man Melts Fruit Layer Live Rosin – 73.6%

Mountain Man Melts Fruit Layer Live Rosin

Dive into the heart of artisanal cannabis with Mountain Man Melts’ Fruit Layer Live Rosin. This exquisite concentrate, meticulously crafted from sun-kissed Gaia Gardens flower, embodies the pinnacle of purity and potency. Expertly extracted for a true-to-plant experience, this live rosin showcases the artistry of solventless techniques.

  • THC Content: 73.6%
  • Extraction Method: Solventless, utilizing heat and pressure to safeguard the plant’s complete cannabinoid and terpene profile. This approach ensures an exceptionally pure and flavorful concentrate.
  • Price: $65

9. Cereal Milk Cold Cure Rosin Tier 1 – 75%

Cereal Milk Cold Cure Rosin Tier 1

Discover the Cannabiotix difference with Cereal Milk Cold Cure Rosin Tier 1. This exceptional concentrate embodies their commitment to artisanal cannabis craftsmanship. From hand-selected, flash-frozen flowers to their meticulous cold-cure process, every step honors the strain’s true essence. Experience the pinnacle of solventless extraction, delivering intensely flavorful and potent rosin.

  • THC Content: 75%
  • Purity Prioritized: Cannabiotix’s meticulous solventless approach, from flash-freezing to the extended cold-cure, prioritizes preserving the plant’s natural essence.
  • Terpene-Rich: The focus on low-temperature techniques and the extended cure safeguard a complex and vibrant terpene profile, ensuring exceptional flavor.
  • Price: $80

8. Pistil Whip Garlic Cocktalk “Droptail” Rosin – 78.9%

Pistil Whip Garlic Cocktail Droptail Rosin

Experience the bold and flavorful essence of craft cannabis with Pistil Whip’s Garlic Cocktail “Droptail” Rosin. This premium, small-batch concentrate embodies a collaboration between Pistil Whip and the renowned cultivators at Terp Canyon, showcasing their shared dedication to quality. Sourced from O-Cal’s finest GMO x Mimosa genetics, this solventless rosin delivers an unforgettable experience.

  • THC Potency: 78.9%
  • Solventless Purity: Meticulous extraction techniques preserve the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids for an authentic expression of the strain’s characteristics.
  • Price: $60

7. Cannabiotix Blue Flame OG Terp Sugar – 80.2%

Cannabiotix Blue Flame OG Terp Sugar

Experience the potent essence of true OG genetics with Cannabiotix Blue Flame OG Terp Sugar. This premium concentrate delivers an intense burst of classic Kush flavor and an uncompromising high, crafted for experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Its wet, sugar-like consistency preserves the strain’s rich terpene profile, offering a true-to-flower experience.

  • Potency: 80.2%
  • Live Resin Terp Sugar: This extraction method prioritizes terpene preservation, resulting in a flavorful and aromatic concentrate.
  • Price: $40

6. WCC Peaches and Cream Badder – 81.8%

WCC Peaches and Cream Badder

Indulge in a symphony of summer sweetness with West Coast Cure’s Peaches & Cream Badder. This sativa-leaning live resin concentrate delivers a burst of vibrant fruit flavor and an uplifting, creativity-boosting high. Its smooth badder consistency is perfect for dabbing, releasing a burst of nuanced peach, cream, and a hint of skunky goodness.

  • Flavor Explosion: Anticipate a complex flavor profile with dominant notes of sweet peaches, creamy undertones, and a lingering caramel-skunk finish.
  • THC: 81%
  • Live Resin Badder: This extraction method preserves the strain’s terpene profile for a true-to-the-flower experience and an easy-to-dab consistency.
  • Price: $30

5. West Coast Cure First Class Funk Live Resin Sugar – 84.54%

West Coast Cure First Class Funk Live Resin Sugar

Embrace the funky side of cannabis with West Coast Cure’s First Class Funk Live Resin Sugar. This premium concentrate delivers a potent blast of garlic, fuel, and spice, a true testament to its renowned GMO lineage. Its dry, sugary consistency makes it easy to enjoy, promising a blissful and deeply relaxing experience perfect for seasoned connoisseurs.

  • Live Resin Sugar: This extraction method preserves a rich terpene profile for a flavorful experience that’s easy to dab.
  • THC: 84.54%
  • Price: $30

4. Lime Strawberries and Cream Shatter – 85.7%

Lime Strawberries and Cream Shatter

Experience a burst of California sunshine with Lime’s Strawberries and Cream Shatter. This potent, sativa-leaning concentrate delivers an invigorating blast of sweet berry and tangy citrus, finished with a creamy smoothness. Crafted from fresh-frozen, small-batch flower, this shatter embodies Lime’s commitment to quality and accessibility. Lime celebrates the state’s cannabis heritage, sourcing from legacy cultivators and offering accessible, top-shelf products.

  • Flavor Explosion: Anticipate a vibrant burst of ripe strawberries balanced by a zesty citrus tang and a lingering creamy finish.
  • THC: 85.7%
  • Shatter Consistency: Enjoy the classic dabbing experience with this easy-to-handle, high-quality concentrate.
  • Price: $30

3. Gold Drop Sundae Driver Micro Diamonds – 88.2%

Gold Drop Sundae Driver Micro Diamonds

Gold Drop Sundae Driver Micro Diamonds offers a glimpse into the future of cannabis concentrates, setting a new standard for purity and potency. This Indica-dominant product boasts a THC potency of 88.2%, encapsulating the crystalline essence of nearly pure THC in its dazzling micro diamonds form.

  • THC Potency: 88.2%
  • Solventless Purity: Achieved through a meticulous separation process, yielding nearly pure THC.
  • Price: $20

2. Raw Garden Sour Peach Crushed Diamonds – 89.3%

Raw Garden Sour Peach Crushed Diamonds

Raw Garden’s Sour Peach Crushed Diamonds offer mind-blowing potency and unmatched purity for true cannabis connoisseurs. A meticulous blend of Sour Crack, Sour Cindy, and Citrus Sap Pheno delivers a burst of ripe peach, juicy citrus, and a hint of sweet, fruity deliciousness. Raw Garden’s commitment to quality is evident in their limited-batch production and transparent lab results. This is a concentrate for those who demand the finest in cannabis enjoyment.

  • Exceptional Potency: 89.3% THC for an intense, exhilarating experience.
  • Solventless Purity: Zero additives, just pure THC isolate and the finest cannabis-derived terpenes.
  • Ultimate Versatility: Perfect for dabbing, sprinkling on bowls, adding to joints, and more.
  • Price: $35

1. Raw Garden Diamonds Sunset Daiquiri Diamonds – 97.7%

Raw Garden Diamonds Sunset Daiquiri Diamonds

Raw Garden introduces the Sunset Daiquiri Diamonds, the ultimate choice for those seeking the cleanest, strongest, and most flavorful dabbing experience. This hybrid refined live resin shines with an impressive THC potency of 97.7%, carefully crafted from a blend of Banana OG, Skywalker, and Lemonade genetics, offering a rich tropical flavor experience. Discover a world of deeper relaxation, more profound celebrations, and an overall enriched life through cannabis.

  • THC Potency: 97.7%
  • Solventless Purity: Raw Garden’s refined live resin process delivers the purest expression of Banana OG, Skywalker, and Lemonade genetics, maximizing the full spectrum of terpenes.
  • Price: $45 /Gram
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